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28 ottobre 2021

Global milk production expected to tighten over winter

Challenging weather and high feed costs are expected to impact milk production through 2021, despite good prices. This has reduced global supply[1] growth forecasts for 2021 from 1.4% to 1.0%, equivalent to 1.1bn litres less milk. Both the US and the EU-27...
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UK dairy exports to Australasian markets to be explored

Dairy farmers will be given the chance to explore the opportunities of exporting to Australia and New Zealand amid worry over the impact of the trade agreements on the sector.

The government has agreed a new trade deal with New Zealand, paving the way for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific (CPTPP).

According to New Zealand government statistics, dairy is the country's biggest export earner – worth about NZ$19 billion a year.

While farming groups there have hailed the trade agreement, British dairy industry bodies have raised concern over the deal's impact.

Dairy UK, a trade association for the dairy supply chain, said the New Zealand trade deal was a "blow for UK dairy."

With its lower production costs, New Zealand could "seize its opportunity to grow an unlimited market share for its dairy products in the UK", Dairy UK said.

Responding to the concerns, AHDB has set up a webinar to explore the opportunities, challenges and implications of exporting UK dairy products to Australia and New Zealand.

Farmers attending will also hear about two new reports, commissioned by the levy organisation, to assess the markets' attractiveness.

The findings will be discussed by Nicola Thomas, Director of the Food and Drink Exporters Association and Jayne Hunt, Director of Hunt Exports in Australia.

The webinar will explore how a new free trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand has the potential to open-up wider market access for British dairy farmers.

AHDB senior dairy export manager Lucy Randolph, who will be hosting the webinar, said it was an 'important' event for UK dairy farmers and exporters as it would take an in-depth look at the opportunities these markets present.

"And with many exporters looking at new markets further afield in the wake of Brexit, the findings of our new reports will prove hugely valuable," she said.

The webinar will also look at how both countries have a shared heritage and affinity with UK products and culture.

According to the AHDB, premium dairy products are growing in popularity in Australia and New Zealand, providing opportunities for imported goods.

Farmers and exporters will also hear from Cheryl Brett, International Sales Manager at Coombe Castle – who has been exporting British dairy products for over 40 years.

Ms Randolph said it was important to recognise that both countries had some of the highest dairy consumption and consumer expenditure levels in the world.

"Pre-Covid, UK dairy exports to both Australia and New Zealand were showing double digit year-on-year growth," she highlighted.

“We hope that dairy exporters from the UK will join us for this webinar as AHDB continues to explore new and emerging markets which have the potential to deliver..”

Farmers interested in attending the webinar, which starts at 9am on 2 November, can register online.